Get to know your teachers: Mr. Buchanan

By: Ellen Martinez &Leah Langbehn

Brett Buchanan has been teaching World History and US History for 2 years now at El Cerrito High School. He grew up with two sisters and two brothers, a horse, and a dog in Modesto, California. One of his favorite childhood memories was when him and his brother went into the woods for a few hours without telling their anyone. His parents were so worried they went missing and almost called a search party for them. He also mentioned that him and his siblings were trouble-makers as kids. When he’s not teaching he likes to play video games, ride his motorcycle, and read. His current favorite book is “Player 1” a novel about a dystopian future, but he will always be a fan of the lord of the rings series. As of today, Buchanan lives with his two cats; Black Cat and Mama Cat, and his dog; Bella.

When asked why he decided to start teaching, he said that when he was younger he was the smart one in the family and his parents always made him help out his brother, Kevin, with homework and other school related things. He became a history teacher because all throughout school he liked his history classes the most and decided to major in it in college. When applying to work for this district, Mr. Buchanan had such a good interview he got the job on the spot! Buchanan’s favorite part about teaching is building rapport with his students and his goal for teaching is to be a positive influence in their lives.

We asked some of his students how they felt about Mr. Buchanan and their responses were nothing short of what we expected. Frida Florez said that “he has a good personality and [he is] funny”. Madison Dossoan says “Mr.Buchanan is very beautiful and sweet”. Brion is glad that “he let some chill in his classroom”.


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